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These are some photos of jobs we are working on currently or just finished recently.  Please visit our facebook page to see a complete photo album.


Francesca's Collection Charlotte Premium Outlets Charlotte, NCEddie Bauer Charlotte Premium Outlets Charlotte, NC               

Installed new 0-10v dimmable LED fixtures and New Lutron system with DMX link to integrate to existing Jands vista theatrical lighting systemZenmonics office renovation and upfit


 LED Parking Lot Project

Before: 400 watt Metal Halide                                                 After: 106 watt LED    

XSP Series StreetlightDesigned from the bottom up as a totally optimized LED street light system, the XSP Series delivers incredible efficiency of up to 100 lumens per watt, and up to double the lumens per dollar of previous generations of LED street lights without sacrificing application performance. Featuring three variations- XSP1, XSP2 and XSP2L, the XSP series is an ideal replacement for outdated high pressure sodium fixtures and can even provide increased value to displace higher wattage applications (up to 400W).

Beyond substantial energy savings (nearly 50%) and reduced maintenance, Cree achieves better optical control with our NanoOptic Precision Delivery Grid™ optic than a traditional high pressure sodium. The XSP series also features the same aesthetics as a traditional cobrahead luminaire making it easier to upgrade incumbent technologies for both replacement and new construction applications. The Cree XSP Series LED Street Light is the best alternative for traditional street lighting with better payback, better performance, and better price. 

All of this adds up to a street light that pays for itself, then starts paying you - allowing municipalities to focus their resources where it matters most. CREE

               Audio,Video and Lighting Projects

Trust Electrical was involved in the design and installation of this new  audio, video and lighting system installed at CPHC.  The Installation took place over a four day period followed by a dedication worship service. To view a short video click on the picture.

                 Ascension Lutheran Church
                                 Lighting Project


Trust Electrical's team removed all of the existing sanctuary lighting and control system. The old lighting consisted of 250 watt halogen house lights, 300 watt par floods and 250 watt par spots for stage lighting, 300 watt incandescent lamps in the chandeliers and t-12 fluorescent lighting in the coves. The existing lighting controls consisted of a low voltage relay system with wall dimmers located in the rear of the sanctuary.   

The new lighting design was installed by our team over a three week schedule. New lighting consisted of 14- 40 watt Led down lights with dimmable  drivers.  On the stage we installed 16- 30 watt LED line voltage dimmable par 38 with barn door shutters and 8- 9 watt LED line voltage dimmable par 30 with barn door shutters for cross and organ accent lighting. The existing chandeliers were retro fitted with  20 watt dimmable LED  lamps and for the ceiling up lights we installed t-8 fluorescent lighting.  Old lighting consumed 10,100 watts of power when fully lit. New LED lighting consumes 1318 watt when fully lit. That is an 87% saving on the electrical consumption. 


We successfully installed and programmed a Lutron Grafik Eye 4000 consisting of 3-Lutron dimming panels, 1-Lutron relay panel, 1-Lutron Grafik eye 16 scene master controller and 3-Lutron remote one touch wall switch.